Central Coast Artificial Turf Co artificial grass installation

It would have been nice to let kids and pets run around the yard whenever they want to, but when you think about the mess they make when they get inside the house, you would probably change your mind. Cleaning all the mud, soil, and dirt they bring indoor is just too much to do. Let us give you a solution – create a safe, clean, and no mess playground using artificial turf.

Here’s why:

  • Pets won’t be able to dig holes like they used to when you use natural grass.
  • It’s safe for pets and humans alike, especially when you choose the best quality fake turf.
  • No grass flooding, no muddy and slippery soil – synthetic turfs are designed with efficient drainage system.
  • No skin cuts as fibres are smooth and soft enough
  • Provides good cushioning, protecting kids from injuries related to skipping and falling
  • Can be installed almost everywhere – indoor or outdoor – create your own putting green at home, pool surround, or for your kids’ and pets’ playground.

We Got You Covered

For all your residential artificial turf needs, whether indoor or outdoor, our team has got you covered. Central Coast Artificial Turf Co is the place to go for all your synthetic turf needs. Find out about our cost-effective and safe solutions for your home today.

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